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Share some VCAP6.5-DCV Design 3V0-624 exam questions and answers below.
When implementing update policies for the vSphere environment, which would be the VMware-recommended way to update the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) when an underlying operating system (OS) patch is released?
A. Introduce a policy that requires a system administrator to check if a new appliance update (which might include an OS update) is available from the downloads section of MyVMware portal, and follow the VCSA documentation to apply the update.
B. Do nothing – the VCSA applies all OS updates automatically without any human interaction.
C. Introduce a policy that requires a system administrator to go online and check with the OS vendor to see if a new version is available. If it is, download it manually, log in to the VCSA with the root credentials, and proceed with the OS update.
D. Configure VMware Update Manager to download the OS update and apply it on a scheduled basis.
Answer: A

A customer has storage arrays from two different storage vendors at two different sites. The customer warts to restore operations at the secondary site in the event of a disaster.
Which VMware technology must be used to meet this requirement?
A. vSphere replication
B. vSphere Data Protection
C. array-based replication
D. vSphere Fault Tolerance
Answer: A

A development team must provide layer 2 network isolation between virtual machines that are in the same VLAN. The solutions architect must provide additional security between the virtual machines on the same subnet.
How can this be done without consuming more VLANs?
A. Use Virtual Switch Tagging
B. Use Private VLANs.
C. Use Virtual Guest Tagging.
D. Use External Switch Tagging.
Answer: B

Which two types of workloads are efficiently consolidated when virtualized? (Choose two.)
A. Workloads that do NOT require user input and are constantly processing large amounts of batched data.
B. Workloads that will consume all available assigned resources.
C. Workloads that are NOT CPU bound; most of their time is spent waiting for external events such as user interaction.
D. Workloads that do NOT require access to specific physical resources such as a hardware dongle or graphics card.
Answer: CD

An organization’s security policy requires a design where the ESXi hosts will be manageable only through vCenter Server.
Which two security configurations will help meet this requirement? (Choose two)
A. enable lockdown mode strict
B. disable DCUI access
C. enable lockdown mode normal
D. disable shell access
Answer: AD

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