NCDA certification NS0-158 test dumps

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Share some Network Appliance NCDA Certification NS0-158 exam questions and answers below.
A customer created a volume with the wrong language code.

What should a customer do to correct this problem?

A. Delete the volume and create a volume with the correct language code.

B. Take the volume offline and change the language code.

C. Change the language code on the volume.

D. Change the language code on the parent storage virtual machine.

Answer: A

When you use the volume snapshot autodelete command, what are three values for the commitment parameter? (Choose three.)

A. disrupt

B. volume

C. snap-reserve

D. try

E. destroy

Answer: A,D,E

A customer wants to use a UTA2 PCIe card in a new FAS8000 system.

Which three steps must be completed before the customer is able to use the ports for Fc access to an FCP switch? (Choose three.)

A. Use the system hardware unified-connect modify command to change the personality from initiator to target.

B. Verify the WWPN of the UTA2 so that these can be used in the igroup to map the LUNs for host access.

C. Verify that the correct SFP+ is installed for FC.

D. Verify the card¡¯s hardware configuration by running the system hardware unified-connect show command.

E. Verify that Data ONTAP iSCSI, GIFS, and NFS are licensed on the system.

Answer: A,C,D

You have created a storage virtual machine named SVM1 with a NetBIOS name of FILES1 and you have successfully joined the Active Directory domain. You have created a CIFS share called SHARE1 and have given read/write access to all users. Network connectivity has been verified.

To which path should the users be mapping?





Answer: B

What must be configured to support inter-cluster Snapmirror relationships?

A. Cluster peer relationship

B. Intercluster port role

C. Junction path for the mirrored volume

D. Minimum transfer size

Answer: A

Which of the following is true about a data protection (DP) mirror destination volume? (Choose all that apply)

A. Can be in the same vserver as the source

B. Can be in a different vserver as the source

C. Can be on a different cluster from the source

D. Can be on a Data ONTAP 7-mode system

E. Can be smaller than the source

Answer: A,B,C

You have an aggregate with 10 TB free. You create a 1 TB volume with space-guarantee set to none. In that volume, you create a 500 GB LUN with space-reserve enabled.

How much space is available in the aggregate before data is written to the LUN?

A. 10 TB

B. 9.5 TB

C. 8.5 TB

D. 9 TB

Answer: B

When assigning shelf IDs to SAS-connected shelves, which statement is true?

A. They only need to be unique within an HA pair.

B. They only need to be unique within a stack.

C. They only need to be unique within a node.

D. They need to be unique within a cluster.

Answer: A

How many disks reside in a DS4246 shelf?

A. 46

B. 42

C. 14

D. 24

Answer: D

A customer wants to use FlashCache but does not want to lose the information stored in the FlashCache card when a takeover occurs in a high-availability solution.

What should the customer do to make sure this feature is enabled?

A. Confirm that the aggregates using the FlashCache card are configured appropriately.

B. Set the option to rewarm the FlashCache in both nodes of the HA pair.

C. Verify that the FlashCache card is located in the appropriate slot in the NetApp controller.

D. Verify that the FlashCache card has been configured only on the node where the feature is required.

Answer: B

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