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Share some CCP-N 1Y0-340 exam questions and answers below.
Which mechanism does the NetScaler use to enable a safe and speedy data exchange between a client/server initial TCP handshake?
A. TCP Fast Open (TFO)
B. TCP Burst Rate Control
C. TCP Hystart
D. TCP Time Stamp
Answer: A

A Citrix Engineer has correctly installed and configured the NetScaler Web Logging (NSWL) client but has noticed that logs are NOT being updated.What could be causing this issue?
A. The TCP port 3011 is NOT open between the NSWL client and NetScaler.
B. The NSWL client executable is NOT running on the client.
C. The NSWL buffer is full on the NetScaler.
D. An NSIP is missing in the log.conf file
Answer: D

A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS) in their company environment to ensure that NMAS provides uninterrupted operation in all situations.Which deployment type can meet this requirement?
A. Active-Active High Availability Mode
B. Single-Server Deployment Mode
C. NMAS integrated with Director mode
D. Active-Passive High Availability Mode
Answer: A

Which two settings can be used when creating a Cache Content group? (Choose two.)
A. Remove response cookies
B. Set Lazy DNS resolution
C. Expire cookies
D. Use DNS Query
E. Use browser settings
Answer: A,B

A Citrix Engineer has received the following message after setting up Application Firewall in Learning mode.
August 28 6 03:14:27 XXX. GMT VPXExtProd01 0-PPE-0: default GUI CMD_EXECUTED 1670370 0: User CitrixAdmin- Remote_ip XXX.19.XXX.XXX-Command “show appfw learningdata WebPub_vs_af_1 startURL”- Status “ERROR: Communication error with aslearn”
What can the engineer perform to resolve the issue?
A. Reinstall the Application Firewall license.
B. Reboot the NetScaler appliance.
C. Disable the Application Firewall feature.
D. Delete the Profile database and restart the aslearn process.
Answer: B

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