[Passed H12-711] H12-711 HCNA-Security-CBSN Certificaton dumps

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Share some HCNA-Security H12-711-ENU exam questions and answers below.
About the default security zones of USG series security firewall, which of the following statement is correct?
A. The default security zone can be deleted
B. The security level of the default security zone can be modified
C. The default security zone cannot be deleted, but can modify the security level
D. There are four default security zones
Answer: D

Which statement about L2TP message is wrong ?
A. L2TP attached on PPP for account authentication
B. control message can only be used for the establishment of the tunnel and session connection, maintenance, and transmission control
C. Data messages can only be used to encapsulate PPP frame and transmission in tunnels
D. Control messages and data messages can provide flow control and congestion control functions
Answer: D

Terminal security system supports Bluetooth, SD card and other computer peripherals monitoring function, and support configuration peripheral equipment prohibited.
Answer: A

In IPSEC VPN, which of the following scenarios can be applied by tunnel mode?
A. between the host and the host
B. between hosts and security gateways
C. between security gateways
D. Between tunnel mode and transport mode
Answer: C

ASPF technology enables the firewall to support multi-channel protocols such as FTP, at the same time can also formulate the corresponding security strategy for complex applications.
Answer: A

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